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But What About albert?

Rat Burger .jpg

Pick and Pod are two helpless part timers trapped in a fast food limbo.

What is meaning when the world outside is on fire?

When the boxes of meat begins to moo?

And you think minimum wage is absurd?

Tickets - On Sale May 17th
12.25 ~ General Admin (service incl.)
10.25 ~ QDF Members, Restaurant Workers (Service incl.)

11 / Saturday / 14h30
13 / Monday / 19h30
16 / Thursday / 23h00
17 / Friday / 16h00
18 / Saturday / 15h00
19 / Sunday / 20h45


Content Warning

This show may depict existential dread and gore.

"This bolder is awfully heavy..."

Albert, The Furry Little Thing

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