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Founded by Xander Chung, with the help of founding member Erica Bridgeman, The Malicious Basement is a Montreal based Horror-Theatre Company hell bent on societal critique through modernist and post-modernist performance art. Inspired by movements like Dogma 95, The Malicious Basement will focus on de-emphasizing and demystifying the fourth wall through the deconstruction of extravagance and spectacle. We are focusing on attainable production goals and presentations. With the limitation in regards to budget and spectacle, we are then able to allow ourselves to disassemble the economic fourth wall established by conventional theatre, that would otherwise discourage new artists from entering the medium. In addition we aim to deconstruct the notion of performativity, and the arbitrary nature of the cultural ‘norm.’ We also foster a stage that focuses on a sense of radical incivility and emotional-intellectual clarity.

The Malicious Basement is a proud friend and contributor to the The Opportunity Theatre Company family!

The Malicious Basement aims to emphasize accessibility above all else. For more information, please contact us at


Xander Chung

Executive producer


Producer headshot.jpg

Thomas Rodriguez

Marketing Director


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